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Find out how long your build will really take

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Enter any milestone dates you have handy to see how long the project will take on average.

More milestones completed, or just curious? See what the forecast looks like now.

The survey consists of a list of questions asking how long it took to reach each stage.

Based on the average duration to each stage, an estimate of the average complete time for your job is provided.

Jobs are, where possible, filtered for similarity, such as same constrcution type, similar location, and same builder.

  • Single storey timber-framed
  • Double-storey timber-framed
  • Single storey brick
  • Double storey brick

Find when your build would finish based on other similar jobs

example of predicted build completion date

Choose which other jobs to compare against

example of options to select which other jobs to use to make the prediction of completion dates

Any information entered is used exclusively to predict build time for other users, similarly, other users build time data will be used to predict your build time. Your data will not be used for any other purpose and will never be released without your consent.