Salesforce JDBC Driver

Access and Modify Your Salesforce Data Through JDBC

Our free Salesforce driver allows fast real-time access to your Salesforce data via JDBC and standard SQL-92.

tick3Fastest read performance
: Provides superior performance when reading Salesforce data through the use of efficient multi-threading and memory usage.

Fastest write performance: For superb write performance, full JDBC Batch mode is supported using minimal API calls.

Symmetrical read and write: Everything read in a SELECT query can be re-inserted in an INSERT or UPSERT query, allowing you to easily move data across tables. We also support MERGE queries.

Reliability: We do not use on-disk caching, thereby avoiding any issues where the database information changes and the cached information becomes incorrect. With Reliersoft’s driver, database metadata is requested on connection and is always up-to-date.

Easy to setup and use: Our driver works out of the box with popular tools such as DbVisualizer and Squirrel, and requires no customization. Just import the .jar file, enter your Salesforce login credentials and connect.

Converts SQL to SOQL: With full push-down support, SQL is re-written into SOQL dynamically by the Reliersoft SQL engine.

Supports all Salesforce custom objects and datatypes: View metadata accurately.

Full ANSI-92 SQL support

Full JDBC type 4 implementation

Click here to download our free Salesforce JDBC driver (updated October 2019).